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I totally forgot to review this until I checked my messages. So here it goes. I love Deus Ex!!! I also really like this!

I can tell that you have spent a lot of time on it. I agree with having voices; let's face it... if we wanted to read, we'd read books (i'm not being mean, I just just think that subtitles takes away from the smoothness of a flash project)

I really like it and I'm eager to see the next one and seriously, dude POWERPOINT!!! I am in awe! I especially like how you've given attention to little things lik ethe NSF's uniform, notes left lying around (I would've liked to see a little robot in there somewhere)

But seriously, I liked it and can't wait the the next one!!!

WCCC responds:

thanks a lot, but the robot is way to hard. id have to get 3-d software for that.

Totally Original

Absolutely amazing. I agree, in that it was so awkward and random I had trouble following it.

But maybe the point of the movie was that there is no point. The graphics were amazing. I don't know if it was my speakers or your movie, but the sound could've been a tad bit better.

Good work

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

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I love it

I loved it. I'm a huge gamer and the continuing reference to metal gear solid was hilarious. The art work and music came together perfectly. And the style was great.

Keep it up!

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This is one of the best games that I have ever played on Newgrounds. The music was somewhat annoying, but the graphics and the amount of work put into this game was stunning. You *must* continue to do more like this.


I really liked this game. I was determined not to stop playing until I beat it...then come to find out that I need 10,000 pts. just to see the ending. I thought it was enough that that I beat the de-structonator. I found out the pattern of his attack and I CONQUERED HIM!!!

However, sometimes, I would press the button to click...and... ...

NOthING would happen. The shoot button is supposed to shoot. I think that your... artistry could use work also. I think that this game was definitely worth my time.

Good Work

I like it

Good Game, I like it. Very entertaining, but hard, but entertaining.

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Almost brought a tear to my eye...

You are a brilliant composer. AND your song brought tears to my eyes... almost.

Thank you!

It's canned happiness alright.

Way unique and well executed. Everything is in harmony. Definitely an original tune.

I like it.

I was really feeling everything. The music went hand in hand with the lyrics. Yall had attitude and feeling.

"bringin drama like the young and restless": classic line. I loved it; in fact, I loved it so much that I downloaded it :)

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