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I totally forgot to review this until I checked my messages. So here it goes. I love Deus Ex!!! I also really like this!

I can tell that you have spent a lot of time on it. I agree with having voices; let's face it... if we wanted to read, we'd read books (i'm not being mean, I just just think that subtitles takes away from the smoothness of a flash project)

I really like it and I'm eager to see the next one and seriously, dude POWERPOINT!!! I am in awe! I especially like how you've given attention to little things lik ethe NSF's uniform, notes left lying around (I would've liked to see a little robot in there somewhere)

But seriously, I liked it and can't wait the the next one!!!

WCCC responds:

thanks a lot, but the robot is way to hard. id have to get 3-d software for that.

Totally Original

Absolutely amazing. I agree, in that it was so awkward and random I had trouble following it.

But maybe the point of the movie was that there is no point. The graphics were amazing. I don't know if it was my speakers or your movie, but the sound could've been a tad bit better.

Good work

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

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I love it

I loved it. I'm a huge gamer and the continuing reference to metal gear solid was hilarious. The art work and music came together perfectly. And the style was great.

Keep it up!


I really enjoyed this because it was unique and creative. Make more and a job well done :)

I'm Almost Afriad To Say It...

No, Really. I kinda understand, but it just seems so sad. I know that there are a lot of situations like that out there. And the sadest part was how this guy who indirectly caused this suicide, felt nothing, but sad. He felt no love nor guilt. Anywho, I kinda like it... it was a pretty serious film though. The animation was superb also. What's more, I like the subtitling. I don't think the impact would have been the same if it was in english.

What if you don't have a penis O_o?

I just can't...

::shakes head:: how long did you spend on this?

I know that animation takes a long time to produced but...did you spend over 10 minutes making this?

If you did, it doesn't show. I think that you should make the movie a lot longer next time, and add some fast paced music, maybe TFK's Phenomenon.

Even the stick figures could use some work.

However, I will give you a 10 for effort.

Good Job...I think.


That was some movie. The ninja should have completed his to-do list. It was a great movie, keep up the good work.

This movie seemed very familar.

I can't remember accurately though, but was there already a movie about a ring?? Anywho I think that this version was scarier than the actual movie.


Oh man...ohhhh man. I'm relieved to know that the Mario Bros don't spend their whole lives plumbing and repeatedly defeating Bowser, despite how much *fun* it sounds like.


Eh....I dunno. It was kinda weird. But it makes sense since the kid is only five.

Good Job.

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