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This is one of the best games that I have ever played on Newgrounds. The music was somewhat annoying, but the graphics and the amount of work put into this game was stunning. You *must* continue to do more like this.


I really liked this game. I was determined not to stop playing until I beat it...then come to find out that I need 10,000 pts. just to see the ending. I thought it was enough that that I beat the de-structonator. I found out the pattern of his attack and I CONQUERED HIM!!!

However, sometimes, I would press the button to click...and... ...

NOthING would happen. The shoot button is supposed to shoot. I think that your... artistry could use work also. I think that this game was definitely worth my time.

Good Work

I like it

Good Game, I like it. Very entertaining, but hard, but entertaining.

Very Cute Game

I had a blast playing this game. I love the music, and the fishies are sooooo *cute*. I just have a hard time telling which of the fishies are bigger.

I know I can't eat the blue, purple and green fish, but, but some of the orange fish are around my size and I have a hard time telling whether or not I can eat them.

It's an awsome game though

Very Good

Although it's a very silent game, I love it. Usually, I would rate pretty high if the game entertained me for 30 seconds, but I've been playing this for about an hour, AND I'm still not done playing it. It's very addictive. Make more games, and try to add more sound effects.

Keep up the Good Work


Pretty Humorous

I thought this was a very funny game. My favorites are Free Fall #1 and the Bird.

Hell yeah it was Damn Good

I don't know what wrong with people these days. Chainsawing things/people and and then a Shoot-out ...? These are among my favorite pasttimes. I liked the game a lot, not to easy/ not to hard, it's just right. Make another one. Keep up the Good Work


So this isn't the final cut?

Hey...It kept me entertain for more than 30 sec. so I'm good. I do want you to finish to other one. The game poses a lot of questions, like: Why did the Dragon turn green? It could have been better. Maybe you should add some instructions to it...? Keep up the Good Work



There was Zero humor, not that I'm looking for a laugh in shoot'em up games...it's just that I died so fast..?! Is there any way you could slow it down? I kept running out of ammo too. If you wanted to make an impossible game, you, sure as hell, hit your mark with a bullseye. Anywho, I liked it especially with the creature busting out the wall.

Keep up the Good Work



Took me a while to figure out that after you shoot the target It changes positions. The game would be better if the opponent fired back. He kinda looks like Solid Snake (MGS). It entertained for about 30 sec. and that's good enough for me.

Good Work


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